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Shooting w/ @youngscrap #WeWorkin

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#tbt XII’s Untied

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Throw Some D’s(Remix) - Kanye West 

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I was weak then and you knew it
I was so weak then and you proved it


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Zone’n - Ty$ 

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No matter what, always do the right thing.


No matter what, always do the right thing.

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I grew up in Astoria Queens. ‘Goodfellas’ was shot on my block. We use to steal as much food from their craft service as kids. We use to call it the “food tent.” No idea who any of those great actors were that I now love. Years later I made my first movie on my block - the same one. The locations guy joked that he made ‘Goodfellas’ there and some kid stole the lighting truck! I said, “That was my friend Giuseppe who we’re making this movie about!” This is my first festival ever in New York and it’s Tribeca. Are you kidding me?! It’s the Mecca for me. Hey man, I use to sneak as a kid when they were building that weird area by the water there that they call Battery Park City or whatever and now I’m showing a movie with ROBIN WILLIAMS in it there!

Dito Montiel, Boulevard 

From meeting Robert De Niro to finding that perfect New York slice, our diverse TFF 2014 filmmakers tell us what they’re most excited about (after their own premieres/screenings, of course!)

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Pre show (at Birmingham, Alabama)

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